All good things come to an end and now is our time to call an end to an era. I would never want us to outstay our welcome, nor become something we never wanted to be. We have always been about the music and the people. For over four years we have brought you some awesome times and always to the best soundtrack. We’ve had our ups and downs, particularly too many venue closures, but some of you have been there throughout. Thank You.
On behalf of all the Back From Hell Team, past and present, I want to thank everyone one of you who have come and rocked. It’s always been very much appreciated.
Now I’d personally like to thank all the people who made it possible.
A massive thank you to our regular DJs Chris, Dave, Carl and Mark. I love you guys. Our guest DJs Russ “Dewsbury” Collington, Hazel, John Gannon, Evenstar and Midnight. And my assistant DJs Amber, Matt and Alex.
Warm thanks to the recorders of those great nights, our photographers, the maestro Drew, the lovely Katie, the gorgeous Jade, the divine Ms Valentine, wonderful Non, marvel Sami Lee, and Michaela, Carl, Dimitri, and Amy,
Our cashiers Katy and James
Special thanks for all your help and assistance to Nath Lloyd, Ben Thomson, and to Shannon (miss you).
So many thanks to all the fantastic people who have flyered for us. So many I fear leaving someone out if I tried to name you all, but we know who you are and I thank you.
Many thanks to the management and staff of Club Alter-Ego, Joshua Brooks, The Met Bar, The Zoo, Jabez Clegg, and of course the first to give us a chance and believe in us the legendary Legends (always in my heart).
Thank you to our dance teams PoleFire and The Upside Ladies. And to the bands and performers who entertained us: Uke Punk!, The Rocky Horror Piano Show, 13 Stars, Stuart Heath Munro, Whipcord, The Lost Bards, Raven Sin, Duncan Reed, Skreamer, G’n’R.
More thanks to The Studio (Afflecks), the late Nick Mann, Oli, Helena & Fetish Rocks, our gamers Andy Davies & Ashley Raynalds, Ian Cook, Bloodstock Fest, Jason and Upstage Lighting, EMP, face painters Hollie, Jenny and Sam, greeter Dave, The Salisbury and Grand Central.
Finally I have extra special thanks to 3 people without whom this couldn’t have happened. Firstly to Ben without who this wouldn’t even have gotten started. He was there and lit the spark. Due to illness he was unable to carry that forward, but I owe him much gratitude. And then there was Nicky. Our crazy mothering Nicky. For two years she rallied all and inspired us. I thank you Babes.
Finally my warmest thanks to Emma, the beautiful Black Dahlia, who for more than two years has worked tirelessly to bring you the best nights possible. So strong and inspiring she is truly fantastic.
Together we have achieved far more than I ever expected was possible, or dare hope. It was magical just to book that second one, never mind celebrate four years. It’s been one helluva a journey.
As for me, my wheel of fortune has turned and the universe has given me new paths to tread. I must follow my star and seek new rainbows. The last four years have been a total blast, and I have so many great memories. I would do it all over again. It’s been a privilege.
Everyone keep rockin’, and remember hugs should always be free.
Luv ya all

This website will remain online until the 5th November, after which it will be archived & disappear from the great intertubes.

As Nerissa mentioned above, thanks to everyone who made the last 4 years a possibility.

Ben Thomson / 2E0GXE – The Webmaster